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Deloitte Interview Questions

About Deloitte

A multinational network of professional services, Deloitte has over 150 offices worldwide A Big Four accounting firm based in London, Deloitte is the largest professional services network by revenue and number of employees. The company provides audit, consulting, financial advising, risk management, tax, and related services to its clients.

Getting a job at Deloitte requires precision, professionalism, and extreme competence. It is important to prepare thoroughly for your job interview in order to come across as a well-informed, composed, and capable candidate and to have a more positive interview experience. And you should especially consider Deloitte if you have the desire, talent, and willingness to cope with cutting-edge technology. 

Deloitte Interview Process

Interview Process

Initial screen

Your online application will be reviewed by the relevant Talent Acquisition team member. They will assess your skills and experience to determine your match to the key selection criteria. The job advertisement will give you a clear understanding of the requirements for the role.


This usually depends heavily on the job role, but usually consists of a personality or behavioral test. (mostly done via online mode)

Interview process

Much like the other Big4s, the interview process is multi-level, consisting of telephonic rounds, video interviews, and finally, an in-person meeting with the partner. (in case of an auditing role)


The final interview shall decide whether you receive the offer letter, post which, you will be given access to the onboarding tool, and be able to correspond with a member of the HR team.

Interview Rounds

Preliminary round

Generally, the first interview will be a telephone screening or an in-person with a Talent Acquisition representative. You can also ask any questions you have about the role and the company during this meeting.

Technical round

This is where a subject matter expert is going to have a comprehensive discussion with you and ensure that you are what they require for the job. This might consist of several rounds of interviews.

Final round

The final round might be a meeting with the director of the service line that you will be joining and will mostly be about your future goals and ambitions.


Q-1 Why should we hire you at Deloitte?

Ans. Answer this keeping in mind your job role, your qualifications, your past work experience, and how you could fulfill their requirements. Anything else would be considered redundant.

Q-2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ans. This question is meant to assess if you plan to stick with the company in the long run. The trick here is, to be honest about your future goals and yet try to include the company in your ambitions.


Q-3 Are you willing to relocate to various parts of India?

Ans. Since the company has a global presence, your feasibility to relocate is a valid question that the company would want to be answered. Tackle it accordingly.


Q-4 What are your expectations from this role?

Ans. Describe how this role will help you face new challenges and improve your skills. In addition, explain how this job role will allow you to upgrade your skills. It’s better to do this while connecting with your past experience, and your qualifications.


Q-5 What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?

Ans- Keep it brief and not get emotionally involved. And try to supplement both your strengths and weaknesses with real-life examples.

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