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Grant Thornton Interview Questions

About Grant Thornton

One of the largest independent accounting and consulting firms in the world by revenue and by employee number, Grant Thornton provides assurance, tax, and advisory services to private businesses, public interest organizations, and public sector organizations. 

Grant Thornton International Ltd. is a not-for-profit, non-practicing, international umbrella membership entity organized as a private company limited by guarantee. Grant Thornton International Ltd. is incorporated in London, England, and has no share capital.

According to the company, member firms within the global organization are operating in over 130 countries employing over 56,000 personnel for a combined global revenue of US$6.6 billion.

Grant Thornton Interview Process

Interview Process

Telephonic interview

Once your application is processed, this will be your first interview with the HR team of Grant Thornton. This will be rather basic and questions will be centered on the nature of your application and your interest in joining the company.

Grant Thornton's group assessment

The Group assessment allows multiple candidates to go through several screening processes in correspondence. There will also be group activities that will judge your team spirit.


You will then have to go through a slew of interviews starting with HRs, managers, and firm partners, and finally an interview with the general director post which you will be given the offer letter.


Once you receive the offer letter and you acknowledge it, you will be started out on an induction process to get you aware of the company’s culture, operations, and workplace.

Interview Rounds


The telephonic round might last half an hour. While the assessment presentation might go as long as 2.5 hours. The pre-assessment is a filtering round and its purpose is to check for basic eligibility and requirements

Interview with HR and manager

This will be more behavioral and would require you to answer about your work ethic, your team-building skills, and your past achievements and curriculum. The interview with a manager would be more technical and will require you to dive more into your technical knowledge.

Interview with partner

This might turn out to be more intensive. Partner interviews are critical to the hiring process and they will be gauging whether you and your personality would be the right fit for the organization.

Interview with General Director

This will be the final step to your employment under Grant Thornton. Consider this to be a conversion where the director would simply try to gauge your future plans, and whether grant Thornton is a part of it.


Q-1 how would you go about creating a new audit process for our client?

Ans- The discussion is supposed to be a high-level one, so you don’t need to go into every detail. But the key here is to ASK smart questions like what exactly is the nature of the company, and other key details that you’d like to know before starting out on an audit strategy.

Q-2 What would you expect to be your biggest hurdle at Grant Thornton?

Ans- This is a question that is asked to determine if you have done your research or not. An appropriate answer would require you to find out about a possible unique trait that Grant Thornton or big firms have, and you’d take that trait as a potential challenge. But you must also mention how you can seamlessly deal with this challenge.

Q-3 At Grant Thornton, we have a history of philanthropy. How do you give back to others?

Ans- Preferably share your experience of working in an NGO or a charitable venture. In case you do not have such experience, start out the conversation by appreciating the company for having a philanthropic approach.

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