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abc Here is everything you need to know about the interview and hiring process of JP Morgan chase, as well as its work culture and career progression... Be JP morgan chase ready with our platform

JP morgan chase Interview Process

About JP morgan chase

JP Morgan & Chase is one of the oldest firms in the industry. It's the 5th largest bank in the world. JP Morgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States and is the major provider of various investment banking and financial services. It is one of America's Big 4 Banks along with Bank of America, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo.

Lines of Business : 

JP morgan chase Interview Process

Interview Process

Online application

You can apply for the jobs through their official website. JP Morgan has specific options for freshers and experienced professionals to apply for jobs. They have different career areas to apply for such as : 

  • Asset management, 
  • Private Bank, 
  • Wealth management, 
  • Community Development Banking,
  • Credit Markets & Treasury Services,
  • International Banking, 
  • Middle Market Banking, 
  • Real Estate Banking, 
  • Corporate Client Banking, etc. 

Video Interview

If the online application gets processed and approved, then you move on to initial screening, typically in the format of a video interview.

Screening rounds

These typically consist of a wide range of screening tests, like group exercises, video interviews, assessment tests, etc. They are designed to test you on various skills and aptitudes like team management, problem-solving, communication skills, etc.

Once you clear these, you can move on to the final interview.

Interview Rounds

Online pre-screening

This is usually the very first round of interviews and will be taken by an HR. This comprises of a one-to-one interaction about your own ambition, your reasons for choosing JP morgan chase, and your overall goals.

Screening assessments

A series of interviews and tests designed to evaluate you on behavioral knowledge and soft skills such as team management, communication, and integrity.

Technical evaluation

You will be interviewed specifically about your job role and work division. This will probably be taken up by your future manager, or even your director.

Final round

The final round of the hiring process at Citibank is typically an HR interview. The interviewer will ask you questions about your resolve to work for the company, your ambitions and career goals, and your fit for the company culture.

The interviewer will be looking for your enthusiasm for the role, your commitment to Citibank, and your ability to achieve your goals. They will also be looking for your fit for the company culture, which is known for being fast-paced and results-oriented.

This is your chance to sell yourself to the interviewer and to show them why you are the best candidate for the role. Be prepared to answer questions about your experience, your skills, and your goals. Be enthusiastic and passionate about the role, and show the interviewer that you are committed to Citibank. If you are successful in the final round, you will be offered an offer letter. Congratulations! You have successfully completed the hiring process and you are now a member of the Citibank team.


Q-1. Describe a situation when you worked with others on a project and your teammates disagreed with your ideas. How did you respond? What were some of your (collective) challenges and how did you resolve them?

Ans- Give them examples that how well can you work in a team and resolve issues if any. Show your go-getter attitude by giving real-time examples of any project. 

Q-2. Describe a project you previously worked on with a team. What made the team successful?

Ans- Explain to them for example how successfully you were completing projects in your last organization. 

Q-3. Describe a task that really tested your analytical abilities.

Ans- The interviewer will definitely assess your behavioral and analytical skills. Give them an example of your analytical capability. 

Q-4 Tell me about a time when you were confused about the details of a request. What steps did you take to clarify things?

Ans- Explain to them how efficient you are in communicating strategies, asking for suggestions and advice, and solving problems. 

Q-5 How do you prioritize tasks and projects when scheduling your time? Give some examples.

Ans-This answer will show your time management skills. Show how you were completing the given task in the timeline. 

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