Interview Preparation

Be interview ready.

Interview Preparation

Interviews are perhaps one of the most dreaded stages of the hiring process for any job-seeking individual.
And while you will find tons of interview help resources for Techand IT professions, we aimed to build something more substantial and inclusive for non-IT domains.

Some common characteristics of interview processes and questions can be found across a variety of job roles, such as accounting, finance, management, marketing, data, and banking.

It is by examining these common traits, that we have prepared this extensive guide where you can absorb information as quickly as possible. (There is always a time constraint while preparing for interviews)

With that in mind, we present this one-stop resource guide to help you overcome interview-phobias! This guide shall help you prepare for any interview situation, and will also be resourceful in expanding your knowledge base at the same time.

The information resource is divided into subcategories, i.e, Behavioral Questions, and Technical Questions.

1. Behavioural Questions

Behavioral questions are essentially meant to gauge your temperament, your professionalism, your maturity, your street-smarts, and your versatility in dealing with people. These are asked by interviewers to understand your social and behavioral skills, usually in the context of a corporate environment.

In some professions like marketing, or in leadership roles, these questions are the pivotal point of the interview process.

Although unlike technical questions, behavioral questions don’t tend to have a single-format answer for obvious reasons. These questions differ from person to person. The questions have been categorized and a sample answer is provided for your convenience.

For your convenience, we have decided to expand the scope of behavioural questions to include basic questions that usually come up in the HR rounds.
These questions, although not a part of Behavioural questions, are just as much important, and should be answered perfectly.

2. Technical Questions

These are the hard skills that you absolutely need to function in the job. Technical questions are mostly highly objective, meaning that there are not multiple interpretations for it.
These questions can be highly rigorous and thorough, because they are meant to extensively test the candidate’s knowledge of his/her field and determine whether they know sufficiently about the job role or not.
In this guide, we strive to provide questions and answers meant to cover a wide range of topics that may come up during the interview.

Ofcourse, as a candidate, you can’t possibly expect to know the answer to all the possible questions that can be put up about your industry, but there are certain questions that are asked more often than the others.
And that’s where our interview guide is going to help you by providing you with an organised and easily absorbable resource of technical questions and their answers for the job role or industry of your choice.

The best way to prepare for the technical interview questions is to read up on the important topics, and then consult our interview guide for popular questions and answers on those topics.